AFR Future Briefings

Business meets the future in The Australian Financial Review’s flagship new event series on technology, transformation and the future of work.

Through a series of incisive seminars, we invite business leaders to learn about the technological advances and cutting-edge research that are poised to shape the future of our economy and our workplaces – and the opportunities for forward-thinking organisations right now.


With the global COVID-19 pandemic having hyper-accelerated the adoption of digital technologies, the stability of our future depends on effective cybersecurity.

Cyber attackers are employing ever more sophisticated methods against an expanding digital front that includes cloud, 5G, wearable technologies and a vast Internet of Things. And with growing public concern over the protection of personal data, security and privacy concerns are increasingly converging, with significant impact on business’ bottom lines.

But just as new threats are emerging every day, so too are new and innovative solutions, from biometrics and blockchain to AI-powered threat intelligence and zero trust security – and the modern business leader must be across the shift to ensure their organisation is ready for challenges and opportunities alike.

The fourth AFR Future Briefings event brings together the nation’s leading security and privacy experts to provide 360ยบ practical advice on how to get ahead of the trends, mitigate risk and find new opportunities in innovation and collaboration.

Virtual Event
The fourth event in the Future Briefings breakfast series was reimagined as a special edition virtual event on Security & Privacy. The webcast was available exclusively to Financial Review subscribers.

The webcast was broadcast live at 10am AEDT on Thursday November 26, 2020.




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